The College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University values its leadership position in academic veterinary medicine.

The College of Veterinary Medicine's mission is to advance the health of animals and people through education, research and service.

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  • Clinical Investigators' Day, October 6, 2017 

    Cornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine.; Clinical Investigators' Day Organizing Committee (Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine., 2017-10-06)
    Contents of this program booklet include: Welcome; Sponsors; Current CVM Clinical Trials; Program Schedule; Keynote Speaker (Laura B. Goodman); Guest Speaker (Erica Behling-Kelly); Moderators [bio sketches]; Judges [bio ...
  • Points of Interest: Department of Biomedical Sciences, 3rd Quarter, September 25, 2017 

    Lovelace, May (Cornell University. College of Veterinary Medicine. Department of Biomedical Sciences, 2017-09-25)
    Topics in this issue of Points include: Contents; Greetings from the Chair (Paul Soloway); Where are the Admins?; Welcome (Rachel Labitt, Timothy Wu, Ileana Miranda, Esther Crouch, Viktoriya Ermilova); Making the Headlines; ...
  • Wildlife Health Cornell, Summer 2017 

    Wildlife Health Cornell; Osofsky, Steven A; Lee, Helen (Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine, 2017-08)
    Contents of this issue include: Addressing Wildlife Health in a Rapidly Changing World (Steven A. Osofsky); Sustainable Moose (Krysten Schuler); The Urgency of Planetary Health; Conservation CSI: Long Island, Cornell ...
  • Directory of Faculty. Foundation Courses I and VIIa, College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University, [fall semester 1993] 

    Earnest-Koons, Kathy; Farnum, Cornelia E. (Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine., 1993-08)
    The Directory contains an alphabetical list of faculty with office addresses and photos who are associated with Foundation Courses I and VIIa (i.e., Blocks I and VIIa). Its purpose was to help beginning first year veterinary ...
  • CVM eNews, September, 2017 

    Office of Marketing and Communications. (Cornell University, College of Veterinary Medicine., 2017-09)
    Contents of the eNews issue include: CVM Fall Celebration, Friday, Sept. 22nd; New York State Veterinary Conference; Drs. Bettina Wagner and Robert Weiss Receive New Appointments; CVM Welcomes New Students; Employees ...

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