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    • Should the Development of Herbicide-tolerant Plants be a Focus of Sustainable Agriculture Research? 

      Goldburg, Rebecca J. (NABC, 1989-02-15)
      Public sector funding could help the development of weed control alternatives that, unlike herbicide-tolerant plants, the industry has not found potentially profitable.
    • Social and Ethical Implications of Animal Growth Promotants 

      Hoiberg, Eric O.; Bulfetta, Gordon; Nowak, Peter (NABC, 1989-02-15)
      Pre-introduction research into the economic and social impacts of new technologies play an important role by identifying institutional barriers to the equitable transfer of new technologies and by providing needed information ...
    • Somatotropins 

      Baldwin, R. Lee (NABC, 1989-02-15)
      BST (Somatotropin) how it work and what it does.
    • Workshop report for NABC 1 

      Hollander, Anne K.; Wood, H. Alan; Mellon, Margaret; Kliebenstein, James; O'Berry, Phillip A.; Butler, L.J. 'Bees'; Weymouth, Donald K.; (NABC, 1989-02-15)
      The workshops focused on the Integrating Biotechnology and Sustainable Agriculture by discussing issues surrounding biopesticides, herbicide tolerance, disease control in animals and animal growth promotants and made police ...