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    • The social impact of biotechnology on farming and food production 

      Busch, Lawrence (NABC, 1990)
      Who shall control technological development? Should it serve narrow vested interests or broad public goods? Reinforce widely held values or to shatter them? Scientists have a special obligation to take these questions very ...
    • Potential economic impacts of agricultural biotechnology 

      Martin, Marshall A. (NABC, 1990)
      Careful evaluation of the likely benefits and costs of biotechnology can ensure the timely and reasonable application of these emerging technology developments in our society. This will require increased research cooperation ...
    • Risk: Ethical issues and values 

      Thompson, Paul B. (NABC, 1990)
      Scientists will have to demonstrate Insight and sensitivity to the non quantitative factors that inform policy decisions on risk.
    • Biotechnologically modified animal Pproducts 

      Byers, Floyd M. (NABC, 1990)
      The primary challenge is to develop systems employing current and new biotechnologies which will allow production of specific uniform products from diverse animal production systems in a range of designer foods.
    • Food processing biotechnology 

      Harlander, Susan K. (NABC, 1990)
      Biotechnology could have a dramatic impact on the entire agriculture and food sector. It has the potential to reduce the need for agricultural chemicals; improve productivity, efficiency, and profitability of food production ...