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    • Workshop report on regulatory issues 

      Osburn, Bennie; Nicholas, Robert B. (NABC, 1992)
      Discussion by the worksho group and their recommendations
    • Animal Pharmaceuticals 

      Terry, Martin (NABC, 1992)
      The regulatory agencies consider oversight as appropriately applied in direct proportion to the risk associated with a given product per se, independent of the technology employed in the manufacturing process. FDA cannot ...
    • To live as natives, free of fear: What citizens should require from animal biotechnology 

      Hunter, Dianna (NABC, 1992)
      Informed citizens have good reasons to be wary of promises made for new technologies since it is a challenge to find avenues of communication between them and the proponents of animal biotechnologies. Citizens have learned ...
    • Workshop report on meat and animal product safety 

      Harlander, Susan K. (NABC, 1992)
      Workshop report covering the safety of transgenic animals and animals administered recombinant DNA products; biotechnological tools to enhance food safety and quality; and communicating with the public.
    • USDA Regulation of animal biotechnology 

      Frydenlund, John E. (NABC, 1992)
      USDA agencies, including FSIS and APHIS, work closely with consumer-interest groups to inform the public about oversight policies and programs for biotechnology products and to discuss any safety concerns associated with ...