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    • Intellectual property rights: Key to access or entry barrier for developing countries 

      Solleiro, Jose Luis (NABC, 1994)
      Implementation of an innovation-system approach is critical to facilitate the adaptation and assimilation of biotechnology developed in other countries. Protection of IPR will play an important role creating a safe climate ...
    • Access: Bartering and brokering genetic resources 

      Shands, Henry L. (NABC, 1994)
      If there is to be financial compensation for notable genes making contributions to new varieties or hybrids, developing countries may have to pay for that value when in the past, improved germplasm has been available at no cost.
    • Farmer's rights: What is fair? 

      Kinsman, John (NABC, 1994)
      We need to take responsibility for the long-term problems following shortsighted decisions on patenting life forms and intellectual property rights. Farmers in this country and around the world are being pushed off their ...
    • Ownership of biodiversity: A developing country’s perspective on an open international debate 

      Solleiro, Jose Luis (NABC, 1994)
      It is essential that intergovernmental negotiations address the creation of a mandatory funding mechanism to recognize, reward and protect the contributions of local communities, farmers and indigenous people of all nations.
    • The impact of patents on plant breeding using biotechnology 

      Day, Peter R. (NABC, 1994)
      No matter what new gene a crop cultivar contains, unless its genetic background supports good agronomic performance it will be of no practical interest to growers and farmers. For this reason, a major part of the application ...