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    • Crop biotechnology in the service of medical and veterinary science 

      Arntzen, Charles J. (NABC, 1996)
      Various research laboratories have experimented with the use of plants for “biomanufacturing” of specialty products. These approaches utilize transgenic plants created to accumulate high value proteins/enzymes of potential ...
    • Agricultural biotechnology: a farmer’s perspective 

      Garr, Mary Lou (NABC, 1996)
      From the perspective of farmers, having unified positions on agricultural biotechnology issues is absolutely critical. but the rate of scientific discovery in the field of agricultural biotechnology is advancing far more ...
    • Protein production in transgenic animals 

      Cooper, Julian (NABC, 1996)
      Future farms will produce food more efficiently, perhaps in environments where originally it was considered too difficult. In addition, farms will produce many different raw materials for industrial processes, a variety ...
    • Innovation, industrial development and the regulation of biotechnology 

      Kraus, Martine (NABC, 1996)
      The U.S. plant biotechnology industry has been positively affected by strong domestic regulation. However, European regulation has had a negative effect since companies hesitate to develop export crops for a market with ...
    • Phytoremediation 

      Ensley, Burt (NABC, 1996)
      Phytoremediation is the exploitation of specific plants to clean up the environment. Plants are used to treat or remove environmental contaminants from soil and other solids like dredge spoils, water, other liquids, and air.