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    • The Center for Plants and Human Health: An interdisciplinary approach 

      Gardner, Gary (NABC, 2002)
      The current model for competitive research funding in the United States is primarily single-principal-investigator grants in a single discipline, but new approaches to the relationships between plants and human health will ...
    • Q&A : Luncheon Addresses 

      Cerra, Frank (NABC, 2002)
      Q&A: Developments in medicine and health
    • Consumer impact on nutritional products 

      Snyder, Steve; Rosenberg, Roberta (NABC, 2002)
      Industry will continue to play a valuable role in developing healthy, effective, and safe ingredients, and in making new functional foods available to the consumer. These contributions fall into four major categories: ...
    • Integrative medicine: Agriculture’s new opportunity 

      Plotnikoff, Gregory A. (NABC, 2002)
      In regard to the public’s health, agriculture and the prepared-food industry have both a significant responsibility and a significant opportunity. New partnerships must be developed to identify the best business- and best ...
    • Q&A : The Food Industry: Promoting Public Health 

      Muscoplat, Charles C (NABC, 2002)
      Q&A: Developments in safe and healthy foods
    • The food industry: Promoting public health 

      Crockett, Susan (NABC, 2002)
      The food industry provides a key link between agriculture and health, and is an important contributor to public health. Direct and indirect communications are necessary in order to reach consumers with public-health ...
    • Innovations for safe egg products 

      Ball, Jr., Hershell (NABC, 2002)
      Pasteurized egg products have an excellent safety history. Shell eggs can be pasteurized to provide a safe alternative for foods made with raw or minimally cooked eggs. Closely coupling egg production and breaking results ...
    • Genomics education at the Mayo Clinic: A new model for data and information 

      Bolander, Mark (NABC, 2002)
      The Mayo Clinic is engaged in an aggressive effort to prepare the staff and the allied healthcare for changes in medicine, with genomics and medical genomics becoming a central part of the therapies that we will offer. The ...
    • Targeted nutrition in health and disease 

      Johnson, Clarence (NABC, 2002)
      The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994 created a new, and sometimes controversial, industry based on diet and health. Functional foods and nutraceuticals are foods or ingredients that are perceived by the ...
    • Q&A : Conference Synthesis 

      Kahn . Jeffrey (NABC, 2002)
      Q&A: Conference synthesis