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    • The social cost and benefits of US biofuel policies 

      de Gorter, Harry; Just, David R. (NABC, 2008)
      This paper provides important insights into the social costs and benefits of key policy instruments. One key insight is how a change in the price of ethanol affects the corn price Because the corn market is now directly ...
    • Student Voice report 

      Schumm, John; Frier, Mary Carol; Kiger, Sarah (NABC, 2008)
      Student Voice report and recommendations
    • Scientific challenges underpinning the food-versus-fuel debate 

      Cassman, Kenneth G. (NABC, 2008)
      Humanity is in a race against time to ensure global food security on a planet with limited supplies of arable land, water, and low-cost energy resources, and a rapidly growing hu­man population. Biotechnology and plant ...
    • Q&A: Megatrends reshaping American agriculture 

      Myers, Stephen (NABC, 2008)
    • Renewable polymers and advanced materials 

      Myers, Stephen C. (NABC, 2008)
      As the bioeconomy develops to complement fossil-based sources of energy and materials, it will be imperative that efforts focus on areas where there is a strong value proposition for consumers. Likewise, an integrated ...
    • Renewable fuels and materials 

      Pierce, John (NABC, 2008)
      A biobased economy is not just about biotechnology and it’s not just about fuels. It is all based on agriculture and the revenue per land area. With a finite area of land there is a need to maximize the revenue from it ...