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    • Enhancing crop productivity through increased abiotic-stress tolerance and biomass production 

      Devine, Malcolm D. (NABC, 2009)
      Crop production faces many challenges, due to changing environmental conditions and evolving needs for new plant-derived materials. No one approach will provide all the solutions. Rather, progress will be made by combining ...
    • Adapting crops to climate Change 

      Metzlaff, Michael (NABC, 2009)
      The growing world population forces us to invest in increasing research into plants that will grow on less than optimal land while there is and increasing need for alternative energy from biofeedstocks. To be successful, ...
    • The impact of agriculture on climate change 

      Desjardins, Raymond L. (NABC, 2009)
      The impact of agriculture on climate change is not fully understood, but it is clear that the human role is considerably more than the increase in GHG concentration. Agroecosystems are intensively managed, and as farming ...
    • Adapting Agriculture to Climate Change 

      Unknown author (NABC, 2009)
      World agriculture faces the dual challenges of increasing crop production and addressing climate change. Increasing population, diets inclusive of more animal-based foods, and increased manufacture of biobased industrial ...
    • Adapting to climate change: The challenges and opportunities in an uncertain policy environment 

      McBean, Gordon A. (NABC, 2009)
      With climate change, there will be stresses on agricultural production in some regions and opportunities in others. Will there be financial and regulatory support for diversification into other crops and for possibly ...
    • Student Voice report 

      Sullivan, Clare (NABC, 2009)
      Student Voice report and recommendations.
    • Overview: Adapting agriculture to climate change 

      Eaglesham, Allan: Hardy, Ralph W.F (NABC, 2009)
      Detailed meeting overview
    • Panel discussion and Q&A 

      Q&A (NABC, 2009)
      Climate Change Overview and Projections
    • Functional genomics and abiotic-stress tolerance in cereals 

      Sutton, Tim (NABC, 2009)
      Traditional molecular genetic studies have contributed to the understanding of the underlying biology of tolerance to abiotic stresses. We know a great deal about the genetic control of traits for tolerance to major abiotic ...
    • The impacts of climate change on agriculture in North America 

      Mearns, Linda (NABC, 2009)
      Scientists rely on computer modeling based on climate-change information to predict future trends. The US Climate Change Science Program in 2008 released a report on the impact of climate change on agriculture, water ...
    • Panel discussion and Q&A 

      Rossnagel, Brian; Keller, Wilf; Clarke. John (NABC, 2009)
      Genetic Approaches to Crop Adaptation
    • Ethical issues in agricultural adaptation and mitigation responses to climate change 

      Coward. Harold (NABC, 2009)
      An investigation of secular and religious ethical perspectives that can be engaged in evaluating agricultural responses to climate change..
    • Panel discussion and Q&A 

      Schoenau, Jeff; Pennock, Dan; Smyth, Stuart (NABC, 2009)
      Other Approaches to Adaptation
    • Opportunities of the commons: Agriculture’s new frontier 

      Charlebois, Sylvain (NABC, 2009)
      What can we human beings do to provide ourselves with a better world for the future at a time when we are facing major challenges, especially due to a global economy where problems in one country spread to others.
    • Soil and Water Management Options for Adaptation to Climate Change 

      Rattan Lal (NABC, 2009)
      Rapidly increasing atmospheric abundance of CO2 and other GHGs leading to an increase in mean global temperature of 1 to 4°C by the end of the 21st century necessitates identification and use of relevant adaptation strategies. ...
    • Greenhouse gas emissions offsets from agriculture: opportunities and challenges 

      Gramig, Benjamin M (NABC, 2009)
      As the scientific evidence of global climate change continues to accumulate and the predicted impacts of a warming planet become more widely known, national policies and international agreements designed to mitigate global ...
    • Panel discussion and Q&A 

      Fulton, Murray; Gray, Richard; Corkal, Darrell (NABC, 2009)
      Ethics, Policy, Carbon Credits
    • Adapting cropping patterns to climate change 

      White, Jeffrey W. (NABC, 2009)
      The potential impacts of climate change on cropping patterns are highly researchable but present significant methodological challenges. Climate-change impacts are not simply a question of increased or decreased productivity. ...
    • Living with it: Adapting crop-production systems to emerging climate change 

      Smith, Donald (NABC, 2009)
      Climate change presents challenges to agriculture and the agricultural sector will need to embrace adaptations to meet these challenges: Climate change can affect crop-production activities; certain characteristics make a ...
    • Our evolving climate 

      Zwiers, Francis (NABC, 2009)
      One of the key statements from the 2007 IPCC report, is that warming of the climate is unequivocal. The evidence comes from air temperatures, from ocean temperatures, from reductions in the amounts of ice and snow on the ...