Published 2010 by NABC.

Speakers at NABC 22 addressed the science linking agriculture, food, and nutrition to health, with the goal of informing both research priorities and government policies that seek to improve human livelihoods.

Agriculture and conventional food systems have provided the basis for long and healthy lives, which have improved dramatically over the last century, and much of that improvement can be traced to healthier diets. At the same time, we are faced with a growing critique that conventional food systems are a significant contributor to the health crisis that developed countries are facing, particularly related to obesity and diabetes. With this dichotomy—agriculture and diet being both the problem and the solution to an increasing health crisis—NABC 22 was framed, focusing on research strategies to better promote health through food and diet as well as on how governmental regulatory systems are providing oversight of the relationship between food and health.

Recent Submissions

  • Student Voice report 

    Hellberg, Rosalee; Kuldamrong, Watchareeya (NABC, 2010)
    Student Voice report and recommendations
  • Q&A 

    Unknown author (NABC, 2010)
    Q&A for dinner presentation.
  • Plant biotechnology: The answer to your nutrition needs! 

    Newell-McGloughlin, Martina (NABC, 2010)
    At its most basic level, food is the source of nutrition to meet daily requirements but is now taking on an ever-greater role in the quest for health optimization. The latter focus is a luxury that is primarily the purview ...
  • Q&A 

    Unknown author (NABC, 2010)
    Food-for-health strategies and programs
  • Where will business find the next best food and nutrition innovations? 

    Rosenzweig, William (NABC, 2010)
    The mission of Physic Ventures is to invest in keeping people healthy. We are the only venture-capital firm with a mission expressly focused on preventing disease and preventing the degradation of the environment rather ...
  • A national network for advanced food and materials 

    Yada, Rickey Y. (NABC, 2010)
    It has been a challenge to link food, health and agriculture in Canada. The Networks of Centers of Excellence (NCEs) was a program established by the Federal Government in 1989 with the goal of mobilizing Canada’s research ...
  • Alimentary pharmabiotics: common ground for academia with the food and pharmaceutical industries 

    Shanahan, Fergus (NABC, 2010)
    Despite major technologic and conceptual advances in biology, new drug development in gastroenterology appears to be in decline. While large fortunes have been expended by the pharmaceutical industry in synthetic drug ...
  • Q&A 

    Unknown author (NABC, 2010)
    Regulatory framework for food health claims
  • The EU regulation on nutrition and health claims: Current and future trends 

    Fernandes da Silva, Miguel (NABC, 2010)
    When considering how to promote health by linking agriculture, food and nutrition, it makes sense to have a closer look at existing legislation in the area of nutrition and health claims made on food products. This is ...
  • The science behind the claims and why the product that bears a claim needs to be “healthy” 

    Lupton, Joanne R. (NABC, 2010)
    The evaluation of health claims is a rigorous, science-based process. Products that carry health or nutrient-content claims must meet nutrient-profiling requirements. There’s a reason for not directing people to good ...

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