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    • Biography: Malden Nesheim 

      Nesheim, Malden (College of Human Ecology, 2009)
      Biography of Malden Nesheim, Professor Emeritus, Division of Nutritional Sciences
    • Biography: Malden Nesheim 

      Nesheim, Malden (2011)
    • Feed Your Pet Right 

      Nesheim, Malden; Nestle, Marion (2011-02-10)
      Marion Nestle and Malden C. Nesheim wrote Feed Your Pet Right, the first complete, research-based guide to selecting the best, most healthful foods for your cat or dog. The authors presented highlights from their comprehensive ...
    • In Memoriam Lani Stephenson 

      Nesheim, Malden; Holland, Celia (2021-05-12)
    • Malden Nesheim Faculty Bio 

      Nesheim, Malden (2015-05-01)
    • Robert S. Parker memorial statement 

      McCormick, Charles; Nesheim, Malden; O'Brien, Kimberly (2020-03-03)
    • Why Calories Count 

      Nesheim, Malden; Nestle, Marion (2012-09-06)
      Calories are the source of health problems affecting billions of people in today's globalized world and these units of energy are a mystery to many of us. Marion Nestle (Paulette Goddard Professor of nutrition, food studies ...