Cornell Engineering is one of a constellation of colleges and schools that make up a world-class research university. Engineering draws from and contributes to the university's strengths in such fields as medicine, veterinary sciences, and the life sciences and we leverage that excellence through twelve academic units within engineering. Ezra Cornell sought to found an institution where "any person can find instruction in any study." Cornell Engineering is a showcase of his vision; the breadth of our program is nationally unique.

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    Karig, Daniel E. (2015-07-30)
    Discussion of the Quaternary geology of the Sixmile watershed is logically separated into two sections: the Sixmile-Willseyville Trough and the upper Sixmile drainage, both of which can be further divided into sub-units ...
  • Report of 2014 focus group interviews with CUES students 

    Zehnder, Alan; Hernandez, Sara; George, Magnia (2015-06-25)
    Brief summary of findings from focus group interviews of CUES students, covering the three main elements of the project: spatial visualization, enhanced tutoring and the engineering summer math institute.
  • CUES 2013-2014 Update 

    Zehnder, Alan; Hernandez, Sara (2015-06-25)
    Year 1 and 2 activities in the CUES Program are summarized. Included are: early retention indicators (persistence and grades), pre- and post-test scores on the Purdue Spatial Visualization Test, outcomes (grades) of ...
  • A Conversation with Sidney Leibovich 

    Leibovich, Sidney; Moon, Francis C. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-06-10)
  • A Conversation with Alan T. Zehnder 

    Zehnder, Alan T.; Moon, Francis C. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-06-10)
    In an interview with Prof. Francis Moon, Professor Alan Zehnder of the Sibley School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering discusses his trajectory into academia and life at Cornell. Prof. Zehnder grew up in Alameda, ...
  • A Conversation with Frederick C. Gouldin 

    Gouldin, Frederick C.; Moon, Francis C. (Internet-First University Press, 2014-06-10)
  • Optimization of Combined Radiation and Gold Nanoparticle 

    Sankar, Sitara; Zhang, Michelle (2015-05-19)
    Radiation therapy offers the ability to kill and shrink tumors non-invasively and serves as adjuvant therapy post-surgery and as primary therapy for patients unable to undergo surgery. But the process is nonspecific and ...
  • Optimization of Transdermal Drug Delivery by Hydrogel- 

    Chapin, Nate; Hung, Michelle; Larsen, Wesley; Pramil, Varsha (2015-05-19)
    External-field mediated transdermal drug delivery is a new alternative to oral delivery and hypodermic injections. This method allows patients to receive treatments via a drug-infused patch applied to the skin and offers ...
  • A Computational Model of Vortex Ring Formation in Hydrogels 

    Das, Shoshana; Fiore, Alyssa; Hickman, Dillon; Vasthare, Varsha (2015-05-19)
    Duo An, a PhD student at Cornell University, is developing a method that uses electrospray technique to expel clay hydrogel droplets into an ion solution. Upon contact, the droplets crosslink and form various solid ...
  • Predicting Embryonic Dynamics and Development 

    Francken, Miles; Patish, Levi; Streitman, David; Yoshitake, Sho (2015-05-19)
    Although the chick embryo has long been used as a model for mammalian embryogenesis, there is a need to understand the changing tissue properties that cause physiological changes. Most imaging techniques have proven ...
  • That bites!: the transport of Bothrops asper venom in leg 

    Hatter, Nick; MacMullan, Melanie; Kwasnica, Marek; Hu, Victoria (2015-05-19)
    Snake venom has been known to be a deadly toxin for centuries. Although many studies about the dangerous effects of snake venom have been conducted, the spread of venom throughout human tissue has not yet been modeled. The ...
  • Modeling Reverse Iontophoresis for Noninvasive Glycemic Monitoring 

    Cheng, Stephanie; Kuehlert, Esra; Panchap, Latha; Young, Kathleen (2015-05-19)
    Current methods of glucose monitoring for diabetics are invasive and require blood to be drawn. Despite improved technologies for self-monitoring glucose, patient adherence for these methods is low due to the inconvenience ...
  • Optimizing Throughput in a Fetal Cell Magnetophoretic Separator 

    Flood, Zachary; Jasty, Naveen; Jiang, Chiyu; Park, Jino (2015-05-19)
    Magnetophoretic separation is a non-invasive method under development for the sampling of nucleated fetal red blood cells (NRBCs). By inducing a magnetic field gradient symmetrically about a microfluidic separatory ...
  • Melting fat: Modeling the Effects of RFAL using Invasix BodyTiteTM system 

    Fung, Ashley; Hua, Kevin; Nadig, Malavika; Wan, Gary (2015-05-19)
    Radio-Frequency Assisted Liposuction (RFAL) is a recent technique that shows promise compared to traditional procedures in terms of safety, recovery times, and results. Currently, however, there lacks an accurate computational ...
  • Modeling an Injection Profile of Nanoparticles to Optimize Tumor Treatment Time with Magnetic Hyperthermia 

    Eagle, Sonja; Wadsworth, Samantha; Wnorowski, Alexa (2015-05-19)
    Hyperthermia treatment to destroy cancerous tissue is a highly effective treatment strategy for malignant tumors. The goal of hyperthermia treatment is to raise the tumor temperature high enough to kill cancerous cells ...
  • Optimization of reversible electroporation for the destruction of an irregular brain tumor 

    Ahmad, Taha; Putrevu, Karann; Walk, Remy; Zhang, Xuexiang (2015-05-19)
    The ability to localize treatments is of great relevance to many diseases, from cancer to blood clots. The drugs used for treatment are often cytotoxic or otherwise deleterious to healthy as well as diseased tissue, and ...
  • Ful lling Orders in a Multi-Echelon Capacitated On-line Retail System: PART TWO, real-time purchasing and ful llment decision making 

    Li, Juan; Muckstadt, John (2015-05-13)
    When ful lling customer orders, on-line retailers must operate their multi-warehouse systems with great care to ensure that these orders are satis ed in a timely and cost e ective manner. We worked closely with a major ...
  • A Conversation with Stephen B. Pope 

    Pope, Stephen B.; Leibovich, Sidney (Internet-First University Press, 2015-05-06)
    Stephen Pope is the Sibley College Professor of Mechanical Engineering in the Sibley School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering at Cornell University. He received his undergraduate and graduate education in the Mechanical ...
  • Flow-Limited Authorization 

    Arden, Owen; Liu, Jed; Myers, Andrew (2015-05-08)
    Because information flow control mechanisms often rely on an underlying authorization mechanism, their security guarantees can be subverted by weaknesses in authorization. Conversely, the security of authorization can ...
  • Asymptotic Normality of Degree Counts in a Preferential Attachment Model 

    Resnick, Sidney; Samorodnitsky, Gennady (2015-04-28)
    Preferential attachment is a widely adopted paradigm for understanding the dynamics of social networks. Formal statistical inference, for instance GLM techniques, and model verification methods will require knowing ...

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