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    • Agriculture and Forestry for Energy, Chemicals and Materials: The Road Forward 

      Hardy, Ralph W.F. (NABC, 2007-02-05)
      A call for a national mobilization—by academe, government and industry—to move the United States economy from mainly petroleum-based to more sustainably biologically-based, with 100+ billion gallons annually of transportation ...
    • Labeling of Biotechnology Products 

      Dunn, Peter E.; Korwek, Edward L.; Harlander, Susan K.; Bruhn, Christine M.; Newsome, Rosetta L.; Martin, Marshall A. (NABC, 1994-02-15)
      Speakers t this symposium presented issues surround the issue of labeling of biotech products and the right of the consumer to know about the ingredients of the food they eat.
    • Vision forAgricultural Research and Developmentin the 21st Century 

      Hardy, Ralph W.F. (NABC, 1998-12-14)
      Agricultural research and development (AR&D) will take the lead in providing the technology for a biobased economy in the 21st century. In contrast with our present fossil-based economy, the biobased economy will use ...
    • Report of the NABC Ad-Hoc Committee on Ethics 

      members of the NABC ethics committee (NABC, 1996)
      This is the report of the NABC subcommittee on ethics, charged to investigate issues of ethics surrounding agricultural biotechnology.
    • Ethics and Patenting of Transgenic Organisms 

      Varner, Gary E.; Hettinger, Edwin; Thompson, Paul B.; McGregor. Martin L.; Stallmann, Judith I.; Albrecht, Don E.; Comstock, Gary (NABC, 1992-09-30)
      In this symposium the authors presented talks on issues surrounding the ethics of patenting transgenic organisms including economic effect of regulation and the public perception of the issues.