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    • Knowledge transfer and economic development: The role of the engaged university in the twenty-first century 

      Crowell, Mark (NABC, 2006)
      Mark Crowell discusses the function of the association of University technology Managers (AUTM), an international organization with about 3,500 members. Mirror­ing the global economy, 25% of the membership is outside North ...
    • Labeling of Biotechnology Products 

      Dunn, Peter E.; Korwek, Edward L.; Harlander, Susan K.; Bruhn, Christine M.; Newsome, Rosetta L.; Martin, Marshall A. (NABC, 1994-02-15)
      Speakers t this symposium presented issues surround the issue of labeling of biotech products and the right of the consumer to know about the ingredients of the food they eat.
    • Lambasting Louis: Lessons from pasteurization 

      Hotchkiss, Joseph H. (NABC, 2001)
      The example of pasteurization and the battle for its acceptance can help with an approach to make GMO products more acceptable to the consumer. But it is vital to communicate in ways that the target groups understand. ...
    • Lessons from risk perception in other contexts 

      Smith, Kerry V. (NABC, 2001)
      Consumers want complete protection and not complex trade-offs. It is fruitless to tell them that they can reduce their marginal risk by a defined amount by taking certain actions or precautions. They do not want to hear ...
    • Lessons unlearned: How biotechnology is changing society 

      Busch, Lawrence (NABC, 2003)
      The biotechnology industry possibly made errors of omission by in introducing their technologies without properly preparing all elements of the market: technology developers, government regulators, sellers, farmers, and ...
    • Liability prevention and biotechnology: A brief history of successful industrial stewardship 

      Redick, Thomas P (NABC, 2005)
      There are regulatory and liability hurdles standing in the way of launching a new transgenic product. Despite past successes, and the knowledge gained from failures and near misses, the road to future commercial success ...
    • Living inventions: biotechnology and the public 

      Nelkin, Dorothy (NABC, 1992)
      The history of participatory procedures suggests this may not produce consensus; when technologies embody highly controversial political and social values, consensus is not a feasible goal. Controversial issues must be ...
    • Living with it: Adapting crop-production systems to emerging climate change 

      Smith, Donald (NABC, 2009)
      Climate change presents challenges to agriculture and the agricultural sector will need to embrace adaptations to meet these challenges: Climate change can affect crop-production activities; certain characteristics make a ...
    • Looking to thefuture 

      Day, Peter R.; Moser, Bobby D.; Milligan, Larry P.; Swan, Patricia B. (NABC, 1994)
      Panel discussion by speakers on their expectations, impressions and take-away message of the meeting.
    • Mammalian milk genomics: Knowledge to guide diet and health in the 21st century 

      Smilowitz, Jennifer T.; German, J. Bruce (NABC, 2010)
      The challenges facing the life sciences and the entire agriculture enterprise are to deliver on the promise of prevention. The models established for small molecules as drugs developed by the pharmaceutical industry and ...
    • Many voices: Citizens and the issues of biotechnology and food safety 

      Taylor, Kenneth J. (NABC, 1990)
      Social science research indicates that the faster the pace of change, and the more complex the proposed change, the greater the resistance to that change by those who perceive it to be a threat to their security.
    • Meeting food needs through sustainable production systems and family farms 

      Hassebrook, Chuck (NABC, 1999)
      Some of the most vexing problems confronting agriculture and human kind regard our ability to feed a growing world population and if we can achieve that with a sustainable family farm system of agriculture. Such systems ...
    • Meeting overview 

      Knight, J. D.; Farrell, R. E.; Harvey, B. L.; Germida, J. J. (NABC, 1997)
      A short description of the presentations and workshops
    • Meeting overview 

      Dunn, Peter E.; Martin, Marshall A. (NABC, 1993)
      Short description of NABC5 - Agricultural biotechnology: A public conversation about risk
    • Meeting overview 

      Thomashow, Michael F.; Mooney, Loren A. (NABC, 1994)
      Short descriton of NABC 6: Agricultural biotechnolgy & the public good. Included are descriptions of the variouse speakers with great emphasis given to workshop discussions and suggested regulation.
    • Meeting summary 

      Eaglesham, Allan (NABC, 2005)
      Detailed meeting overview
    • Meeting summary 

      Wildeman, Alan (NABC, 2004)
      Introduction and meeting overview.
    • Megatrends reshaping American agriculture and agricultural universities 

      Pueppke, Steven G. (NABC, 2008)
      A cluster of interlocking megatrends is converging to make twenty-first-century agricul­ture much different from its twentieth-century counterpart. These trends are not novel, twenty-first-century phenomena. We saw them ...
    • Modem production agriculture 

      Lamola, Leanna M. (NABC, 1994)
      Intellectual property rights play a central role in identity-preserved systems because they allow rights holders to reduce investment risk, preserve the identity, and control the use of value-added factors. Production ...
    • Moderator’s overview 

      Kahn . Jeffrey (NABC, 2002)
      Confereence synthesis