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dc.contributor.authorSoutheast Asia Program
dc.contributor.authorSoutheast Asia Program, Cornell University
dc.descriptionFEATURES • 4 Kretek Capitalism: Sampoerna and Clove Cigarettes in Indonesia by Marina Welker • 8 Becoming a Global Citizen by Gail Fletcher • 12 The 15th Northeast Conference on Indonesia by Ekarina Winarto • 14 My Cayugan Creolizing Sojourn by Guo-Quan Seng • 16 Tribute to Jeffrey Alan Hadler by Tamara Loos • COLUMNS • 17 SEAP Languages: Pedagogy Workshop Explores Burmese Language Teaching, Present and Future by Thamora Fishel • 20 Kahin Center Update: Was the Kahin Center Home to a Cinema Hub? by Emiko Stock • 24 SEAP Outreach: Cornell Organizes Conference on Refugees in Community Colleges by Brenna Fitzgerald and Thamora Fishel • 28 The Echols Collection: Cornell Mysteries at the Museum by Jeffrey Peterson • SEAP Publications • NEWS • 31 Awards • 32 Upcoming Events • 34 Visiting Fellows • SEAP Faculty 2017en_US
dc.description.abstractThe Southeast Asia Program Bulletin is an annual publication covering Cornell faculty research, SEAP outreach activities, student news, and updates about the Kahin Center.en_US
dc.publisherSoutheast Asia Program, Cornell Universityen_US
dc.titleSpring Bulletin 2017en_US

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