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dc.contributor.authorAgnello, A.
dc.contributor.authorKain, D.
dc.identifier.citationretrieved from:
dc.description.abstractThe effectiveness of three different treatments were compared in the control of infestations and damage by peachtree borer (PTB) and lesser peachtree borer (LPTB) in commercial peach orchards: (1) pheromone disruption dispensers combined with directed trunk insecticide applications; (2) pheromone disruption dispensers only; (3) directed trunk insecticide applications only. Pheromone dispensers were placed in blocks (2–3 acres) of peaches on two farms in Wayne Co., and insecticide treatments were applied to single-tree plots in each block. These insecticide sprays were also applied to comparable trees in another planting at each farm not containing the pheromone dispensers. The effectiveness of the different treatments was evaluated by comparing adult male trap catches in pheromone traps in each block, postharvest excavating around the trunks to search for borers and damage in the fall, and enclosing infested cankers with sleeve cages to assess adult emergence at the end of the season.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectAgricultural IPM
dc.subjectPeaches and Nectarines
dc.subjectTree Fruit
dc.titleEvaluation of Pheromone Disruption in Combination with Insecticide Applications for Control of Peachtree Borers in Peaches - Year 2

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