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dc.contributor.authorSmith, Donald F.
dc.description.abstractThis story (June 20th) describes the roles of veterinarians who served in combat zones, especially the China-Burma-India Theatre. That particular story also provides a rare glimpse into the horrific experiences of a Japanese army veterinarian as he was fighting in the same theatre of the war and then returned home to start his life as a practicing small animal veterinarian in Japan. The companion story (June 18th) focuses on some of the changes in veterinary education as well as the responsibilities of veterinarians serving in non-combat roles in the Army Veterinary Corps.
dc.publisherCornell University College of Veterinary Medicine
dc.subjectHistory of Veterinary Medicine
dc.subjectWorld War II
dc.subjectGumaer, Kenneth I., Sr.
dc.subjectTakahashi, Takahema
dc.subjectChina-Burma-India Theatre
dc.subjectMerrill’s Marauders
dc.subjectAnimals in War
dc.subjectHorses in War
dc.subjectMules in War
dc.titleVeterinarians in Combat during World War II

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