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    • New Approaches for Mainstreaming Metadata in Digital Library Project Development and Management 

      Corson-Rikert, Jonathan (CIP (CU Library Iniatives in Publishing), 2008)
      Metadata reflects a traditional notion of metadata as common descriptive elements abstracted from homogeneous collections of resources. Following this simplistic model, bibliographic terms, i.e. metadata elements, such as ...
    • The Online Catalog as Data Repository 

      Rupp, Nathan (CIP (CU Library Iniatives in Publishing), 2008)
      This essay will discuss the changing roles and work done by technical services professionals and the ways in which they can develop the skills needed for these new roles and opportunities. While catalogers needed to have ...
    • The Quest for Electronic Resource Management Standards and Tools 

      Chandler, Adam (CIP (CU Library Iniatives in Publishing), 2008)
      Libraries and vendors face significant challenges in the new digital publishing environment. One of these challenges is to manage the information and workflows necessary to acquire and provide access to electronic resources. ...