This work was inspired by Tom Turner, a Metadata Librarian at Cornell University. Tom was a metadata librarian before it was fashionable to have one on the staff. He explored and contributed to the fast developing field of metadata standards and applications and then guided us into the jungle. Tom was serious with a great sense of humor; he was passionate about libraries and poetry; he cared deeply about his friends and his family. He died much too young of complications from a malignant melanoma. Tom once wrote a note to an aspiring librarian who was curious about the role of metadata librarians. Tom said that the goal of all of his projects is "to contribute to our understanding of the most effective ways to make use of metadata." I suspect that the authors of these chapters have a similar goal in mind and hope that their writings will inspire future metadata librarians.

-Janet A. McCue, 
Associate University Librarian for Teaching, 
Research, Outreach, and Learning Services 
Cornell University

This book originated as an online book, published by CIP (Cornell Initiatives in Publishing), with chapters written between 2005-2008. Edited by Elaine Westbrooks and Keith Jenkins.

Poet's Table, Mann Library. The Poet's Table was commissioned by friends and family of Tom Turner, and crafted by Professor Robert Bertoia. Sketch of table by Robert Bertoia.

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