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    • Wickham Farm 

      Valachovic, Kyle (2016)
      My video is a promotional video for Wickham Farms that incorporates the 3 pillars of sustainability.
    • (Top 15!) Cornell Dining 

      Wentworth, Allyson; Barchett; Francine (2016)
      This film reflects upon the current sustainability practices of Cornell Dining and where they hope to be in the future.
    • (Top 15!) The Pittsburgh Project 

      Volk, Emma (2016)
      This video serves to promote The Pittsburgh Project's urban farm initiative. The cultural benefits of urban farming provided by The Pittsburgh Project are highlighted.
    • Urban Vertical Farming 

      Harry, Angeline (2016)
      The following film is an animation that provides introduction and promotion of vertical farming.
    • Tomion Farm Market: Quality of Life 

      Pinckney, Chris; Galeota, Jake (2016)
      Tomion Farm market commercial video.
    • The Happy Lettuce 

      Lochhead, Sage; Gruntmeir, Sarah (2016)
      A sustainable agriculture video.
    • The Future of Agriculture 

      Bond, Amanda (2016)
      This video is about the increase in the age of farmers and how hard it is for the younger generation to start farming. My grandfather, and two brothers are in the video!
    • The Cash Trap of Small-Scale Production 

      Sannes, Nina (2016)
      This video outlines the struggles of making a living with small-scale production in America.
    • (Top 15!) Sway 

      Wheeler, Sam; McMahon, Lindsey (2016)
      This video is a documentary regarding how GMO's are used in agriculture and how consumer perception is causing a shift in the food market, what is produced, and the implications this has on the ability to feed a growing ...
    • Soil: The Ocean of the Land 

      Ongley, Sasha (2016)
      The purpose of this film is to briefly express the importance of soil and touch upon the issues and sustainable practices regarding soil management.