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    • (Top 15!) Farming Indigenous Microorganisms 

      Bluethenthal, Shaun; Ramsey, Emily (2016)
      A video discussing why and showing how to culture microbes from your local forest soil. These microbes are then used to increase soil fertility in your field and garden.
    • Fish in Peddy Field 

      Dong, Situ; Zhou, Linda (2016)
      A video detailing fish farming.
    • Local Food Producation 

      Eginton, Michael; Leist, Mason (2016)
      Our movie details the advantages disadvantages surrounding local food production for the producers, and looks at opportunities for local food production in larger cities.
    • Oyster Farming: An Aquaculture Frontier 

      Lukah, Marlie (2016)
      Aquacultures may become a new frontier in agriculture because of its many sustainable practices. Oyster farming is one example of an aquaculture system being used today with environmental sustainability.
    • New Jersey Farms: Making the Most 

      Balestrieri, Luke (2016)
      This video is about New Jersey farms and the strategies they use to maintain soil health such as crop rotation, drip irrigation or reduced tillage.
    • (Top 15!) No Sleep Till No Till 

      Narel-Aguilar, Lucas; Marani, Matt (2016)
      A music video about no till.
    • New Jersey Organic Agriculture 

      Freeman, Willy (2016)
      Short film about the growing organic agriculture sector in New Jersey and what it entails.
    • (Top 15!) It's not that simple 

      Freedman, Jason; Johnston, Cole (2016)
      A sustainable agriculture video.
    • Existential Waste 

      Sullivan, Emily (2016)
      This is an informational film that describes the implications of food waste in a broader context while exploring case studies, initiatives, and a specific policy to engage individuals and communities in a solution.
    • Backyard Chickens 

      Otis, Diana (2016)
      Describes the sustainable aspects of raising backyard chickens, an extension of urban agriculture.
    • Tomion Farm Market: Quality of Life 

      Pinckney, Chris; Galeota, Jake (2016)
      Tomion Farm market commercial video.
    • (Top 15!) The Pittsburgh Project 

      Volk, Emma (2016)
      This video serves to promote The Pittsburgh Project's urban farm initiative. The cultural benefits of urban farming provided by The Pittsburgh Project are highlighted.
    • (Top 15!) Cornell Dining 

      Wentworth, Allyson; Barchett; Francine (2016)
      This film reflects upon the current sustainability practices of Cornell Dining and where they hope to be in the future.
    • The Future of Agriculture 

      Bond, Amanda (2016)
      This video is about the increase in the age of farmers and how hard it is for the younger generation to start farming. My grandfather, and two brothers are in the video!
    • (Top 15!) Cerretani Organic Farm 

      Roberts, Olu; Ezera, Nnenna (2016)
      A video describing the practices on the Cerretani Organic Farm.
    • Cows and Dairy 

      Penavic, Ana (2016)
      A video on dairy farm practices.
    • First Generation Farmers 

      Birn, Anna (2016)
      A video dealing with first generation farmers.
    • (Top 15!) Bees? 

      Collins, Carter; Stack, George; Wise, Mary (2016)
      Newscast about the important role of bees in agriculture.
    • Food Waste: An Expose 

      Bellony, Katleen; Leung, Lok Ting; Ryu, Jon Won (2016)
      A video about food waste in our country.