Recent Submissions

  • Wickham Farm 

    Valachovic, Kyle (2016)
    My video is a promotional video for Wickham Farms that incorporates the 3 pillars of sustainability.
  • (Top 15!) Cornell Dining 

    Wentworth, Allyson; Barchett; Francine (2016)
    This film reflects upon the current sustainability practices of Cornell Dining and where they hope to be in the future.
  • (Top 15!) The Pittsburgh Project 

    Volk, Emma (2016)
    This video serves to promote The Pittsburgh Project's urban farm initiative. The cultural benefits of urban farming provided by The Pittsburgh Project are highlighted.
  • Urban Vertical Farming 

    Harry, Angeline (2016)
    The following film is an animation that provides introduction and promotion of vertical farming.
  • Tomion Farm Market: Quality of Life 

    Pinckney, Chris; Galeota, Jake (2016)
    Tomion Farm market commercial video.

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