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dc.contributor.authorCooke, J. Robert
dc.contributor.authorSobel, E. Ted
dc.description.abstractElectronic publishing is now feasible using QuickTime movies with DocuView™ (DV). QuickTime (QT) was designed to provide animation capability for the Macintosh. With the current hardware limitations the image size must be limited to small sizes to achieve acceptable frame display rates. However, if display rate is not critical, much larger images can be displayed1. Furthermore, QT images are basically bit-mapped graphics that support color. Of course, QT can include all fonts associated with different languages and special symbols such as occur in mathematics and chemistry, which the 72 dots per inch resolution of the Macintosh screen represents satisfactorily. QT images can originate as bit-mapped graphics, or you can transform them into a particular format by a scanner , by conversion word processor, or other documents. After converting the documents into this format, you can transmit them via computer network and then display them using DocuView.en_US
dc.titleDocuView™: The DiscoverPro Utility for Viewing QuickTime Documentsen_US
dc.typebook chapteren_US

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