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dc.contributor.authorCooke, J. R.
dc.contributor.authorDavis, D. C.
dc.contributor.authorSobel, E. T.
dc.contributor.authorGates, R.S.
dc.contributor.authorPerl, R.N.
dc.description.abstractPC-Poisson is an instructional finite element analysis program (for IBM-PCs of the pre-Windows era) for the novice for problems governed by the Poisson equation (for two-dimensional and axisymmetric geometry). The computation code is based upon the Larry Segerlind’s book, Applied Finite Element Analysis, but adds a graphical user interface for receiving input and for displaying output graphically. Poisson’s equation governs steady heat conduction, ideal fluid flow, steady state diffusion, etc. Note: A companion program, MacPoisson, was created for the Macintosh computer.en_US
dc.publisherCooke Publications, Ithaca, NYen_US
dc.titlePC-Poisson™: Instructional Finite Element Analysis for Solving Poisson's Equation With the IBM-PC®en_US

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