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dc.contributor.authorGlavas, Lenka
dc.contributor.authorMladenovic, Pavle
dc.contributor.authorSamorodnitsky, Gennady
dc.description.abstractWe investigate partial maxima of the uniform AR(1) processes with parameter r geq 2. Positively and negatively correlated processes are considered. New limit theorems for maxima in complete and incomplete samples are obtaineden_US
dc.description.sponsorshipResearch of Glavas and Mladenovic was supported by a grant by Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia, Grant No. 174012. Samorodnitsky's research was partially supported by the ARO grant W911NF-12-10385 and by the NSF grant DMS-1506783 at Cornell Universiten_US
dc.subjectExtreme valuesen_US
dc.subjectmissing observationsen_US
dc.subjectpartial maximaen_US
dc.subjectuniform autoregressive processesen_US
dc.titleExtreme values of the uniform autoregressive processes and missing observationsen_US

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