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dc.contributor.authorJackson, Rodney
dc.description.abstractWhen leaders are asked, "How effective are you at giving ongoing feedback and coaching to develop your employees", they often rate themselves significantly higher than when you ask the employees of the same leaders, "How effective is my manager in giving me ongoing feedback and coaching that helps me develop?" Let's face it. Many of us were trained to run a farm or dairy, so we are good with the crops and the animals. Yet, it’s the people who provide us the greatest challenge and complexity. As our businesses get more complex and we are faced with more regulation and competition, keeping good employees gets more challenging. In this session, you will learn to get more out of your employees through better communication of what you expect from the job, hear the employee's thoughts and interest, and enjoy a more fulfilled workforce. We will share some simple tools of assessing the needs of a job, assessing current talent, and holding better conversations to ensure fit and fulfillmenten_US
dc.subjectdairy managementen_US
dc.titleKnowing Your Employees and Matching Their Responsibilities with Their Strengths and Interestsen_US

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