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dc.contributor.authorLam, Quy-Steven
dc.identifier.otherbibid: 9597213
dc.description.abstractLearning Management Systems (LMS) are software applications that deliver educational technology or training programs that also handle the facilitation of the learning process. This is done through the delivery and management of instructional materials while tracking and assessing progress towards achievement goals. In simple terms, LMS applications deliver content to students and track their progress and report this to related parties. LMS applications have various problems, but the main problem that the software discussed in this thesis attempts to help solve is creating an assessment that is more indicative of student progression. Specifically, students learning non-linear disciplines are difficult to assess with respect to whether they are actually understanding the materials. The software discussed in this thesis uses a special form of assignments combined with a labelling system to make a continual concept map for individual students which can be used to help assess their understanding through time.
dc.subjectLearning Management System
dc.titleA Learning Management System To Capture And Derive Student Concept Maps
dc.typedissertation or thesis
dc.description.embargo2021-05-30 Science University of Science, Computer Science
dc.contributor.chairVan Loan,Charles Francis
dc.contributor.committeeMemberCosley,Daniel R.

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