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dc.contributor.authorFerrare, Kristina
dc.contributor.authorLyons, Jessi
dc.description.abstractThe population of ticks and incidence of tick-borne illness in Central New York has increased dramatically in recent years. Popular state recreation areas were identified as hyperendemic with Lyme disease in 2014. Deer carrying infected ticks are commonly found in urbanized areas in the City of Syracuse and surrounding suburban areas. A coordinated education effort was needed to inform the public about how to reduce tick exposure in residential and recreational landscapes, how to identify ticks and symptoms of tick-borne illness. This project sought to increase public knowledge about IPM approaches to reduce tick exposure through: public presentations, direct outreach at the NYS Fair and public events, public information displays at recreational sites, and informational and online surveys. Cornell Cooperative Extension of Onondaga County developed graphic educational materials and train-the-trainer workshops to expand outreach efforts and efficacy.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectCommunity IPM
dc.subjectHumans or Pets
dc.subjectPlay Yards
dc.titleReducing Impacts from Ticks in Home and Recreational Landscapes

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