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dc.contributor.authorTelg, Ricky
dc.descriptionUSAIN 2016 Conference Session, Monday (April 25) - 2:45pm – 4:15pm, Social Aspects of Florida Agriculture: panel discussion (Sponsored by Social Issues/Rural Information IG). Moderator: Necia Parker-Gibson. Description: Social change and justice are issues that are closely tied to agriculture. By viewing our food systems through multiple perspectives, we cast light upon our culture and values. With its large agricultural economy, Florida is an especially fertile locale for examining the varied histories and perspectives of social change in relation to food production. This panel is comprised of academics and farmers who will further explore these issues by bring together perspectives of public opinion, agricultural history, and lived experiences of farm workers in Floridaen_US
dc.subjectConference, USAIN, Social Justice, Food Systemsen_US
dc.titleSocial Aspects of Florida Agriculture: Center for Public Issues Education in Ag/Natural Resourcesen_US

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