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  • Procoagulant Microparticle Interactions Due to P-sel-Ig in Hemophilia A Patients 

    Lin, Iris; Waidyaratne, Gavisha; Chainani, Masoom; Venosa, Ethan (2016-05-16)
    Congenital hemophilia is a hereditary, X-linked blood-clotting disease that involves insufficient clotting factors VIII and IX. There are two types of hemophilia, Hemophilia A and Hemophilia B. Hemophilia A is the most ...
  • Finite Element Modeling of Thermal Regulation in Extra Vehicular Activity 

    Biswas, Rohit; France, Emma; Paradkar, Mihir; Woods, Zach (2016-05-16)
    Astronauts perspire heavily during the strenuous exercise of Extravehicular Activity (EVA), and previous literature has expressed concern that this may negatively impact the ability of the LCVG to maintain thermal comfort. ...
  • Cupric Ion Release from Various IUD Geometries 

    Hernández, Sascha; Riggs, Lauren; Widjaja, Edison (2016-05-16)
    Intrauterine Devices (IUDs) are gaining popularity as a form of long-acting reversible contraceptives (LARC); once inserted, copper IUDs can be effective for up to ten years and require no action from the user. The ...
  • Endovenous Laser Treatment for Occlusion of Varicose Veins 

    Bai, Lillia; Cullopulli, Sherya; Nadeau, Sarah (2016-05-16)
    Endovenous laser treatment (ELT) is a minimally invasive technique that uses laser energy to treat varicose veins. An optical fiber is inserted under the guidance of ultrasound and laser light is shone into the interior ...
  • Breaking the Skin Barrier: Modelling Microneedles for Transdermal Insulin Delivery 

    Kang, Jeniffer; Lee, Amy; Lee, Julie; Sadikin, Felicia (2016-05-16)
    Transdermal patches, devices developed to deliver drugs, can be limited in their efficacy because the amount of drug that diffuses through the skin often doesn’t reach sufficient concentrations. This problem is alleviated ...

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