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dc.contributor.authorFollman, Jessica
dc.identifier.otherbibid: 9597077
dc.description.abstractThis thesis seeks to explore the history and current state of French scenic wallpaper in the United States, along the way correcting several misconceptions that have formed over the years. The author has conducted research, interviews, and site visits in an effort to explore all relevant aspects of the history and use of scenic wallpaper, including how it developed to reach its nineteenth-century heyday, how it was produced, how it related to other art forms (and what its own artistic merits are), who selected the wallpaper for purchase and why, and how it is cared for and conserved. Case studies are used herein to illustrate specific issues. In its entirety, the thesis attempts to demonstrate the utility of historic house museums as a vehicle for the interpretation and care of scenic wallpaper, and also to bring to light little-known facts about the wallpaper.
dc.subjectscenic wallpaper
dc.subjecthouse museum
dc.titleFrench Scenic Wallpaper In The American House Museum: A Panoramic View Of Its History, Production, Role In The Arts, Selection, Installation, Care, And Conservation, With A Special Focus On Lindenwald And Vizcaya
dc.typedissertation or thesis Preservation Planning University of Arts, Historic Preservation Planning
dc.contributor.chairTomlan,Michael Andrew
dc.contributor.committeeMemberChusid,Jeffrey M.

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