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dc.contributor.authorZitter, Thomas A.
dc.contributor.authorProvvidenti, R.
dc.descriptionNYS IPM Type: Vegetables IPM Fact Sheet
dc.description.abstractPeas are susceptible to a large number of aphid-transmitted viruses, which can produce diseases individually or in combination. Many common names have been used to describe these diseases, and to avoid confusion they will be mentioned in the discussion under each virus. The main viruses infecting pea belong to three distinct virus groups designated by virologists. Pea enation mosaic is the only member of one group, pea streak and red clover vein mosaic belong to a second group, and the final group includes bean yellow mosaic (also called pea mosaic), clover yellow vein, and pea seedborne mosaic.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectAgricultural IPM
dc.titleVirus Diseases of Peas
dc.typefact sheet

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