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dc.contributor.authorSprague, D.
dc.contributor.authorPetzen, J.
dc.description.abstractTactical Agriculture Teams (TAg) are learning groups consisting of growers, agri-business personnel and extension field staff who meet over the course of the season to share information about Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles and practices. TAg Teams allow hands-on observation and training, and are effective tools for teaching IPM and improved crop cultural practices. The demand and market for fresh vegetables in Cattaraugus and Chautauqua Counties has prompted some Amish farms to convert some of their field crop acreage to fresh vegetable production. This has created a need for these farms to understand production and pest management practices for both field crops and vegetable crops. It has also created the challenge of balancing field crop production requirements with the enhanced income potential from fresh market vegetable production for the farm.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectAgricultural IPM
dc.subjectField Crops
dc.titleField Crop and Vegetable IPM TAg Teams for Amish in SWNY

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