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    • Toni Morrison reads her work 

      Morrison, Toni (1905-05-31)
      Toni Morrison gives a talk entitled, A Matter of Fiction, which discusses why people write and read fiction, specifically relating her own motivations. Morrison focuses on the preservation of the oral tradition as her ...
    • Has Watergate ruined Ford too? 

      Stone, I. F. (Isidor Feinstein), 1907-1989 (1974-09-30)
    • McCarthyism. 

      Hiss, Alger (1975-03-13)
    • Prison reform. 

      Hoffa, James R. (James Riddle), 1913- (1975-04-08)
    • A Physicist blunders into architecture 

      Wilson, Robert R., 1914-2000 (1977-10-27)
    • Rationalism: rationalist architecture 

      Krier, Rob (1978-03-01)
    • Bernard Hoesli on architecture 

      Hoesli, Bernhard (1978-04-14)
    • The mirror stage 

      Culler, Jonathan D. (1978-04-21)
      Culler discusses the interpretation of the Romantic poets set forth in The Mirror & the Lamp,' a work of literary criticism by M. H. Abrams, and suggests that modern interpretations of the works of the Romantic poets have ...
    • Social communication in the chimpanzee 

      Goodall, Jane (1978-05-05)
      Goodall discusses the world of the chimpanzee, focusing in particular on the Gombe chimp. She uses a film and a slide presentation as visual aids in her description of the individual behavior of the animals, their social ...
    • Ungers on architecture 

      Ungers, O. M. (Oswald Mathias) (1978-05-07)
    • Colin Rowe on architecture 

      Rowe, Colin (1978-05-07)
    • A study of modern and postmodern architecture through architectural details 

      Koolhas, Rem (1979-03-02)
      Koolhas discusses modernist and post-modernist ideas in architecture through study of a number of architectural details.
    • Names, novels and histories 

      Fuentes, Carlos (1979-10-16)
      Discusses the unequaled importance of language in the perception of history.
    • Intellectual history: a reconsideration 

      LaCapra, Dominick, 1939- (1980-04-24)
      After explaining that a feeling of crises within the field of intellectual history has motivated introspection into the nature and objectives of the field, LaCapra discusses existing approaches and outlines alternative ...
    • Horns, beans and insteps: guessing from Aristotle to Sherlock Holmes 

      Eco, Umberto (1981-10-23)
      A comparative discussion about semiotics and logic in Sherlock Holmes, Aristotle, and other analytical philosophers.
    • Cabala and the modern man 

      Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991 (1981-11-04)
      Singer discusses the significance of cabala--the Jewish theology based on a cipher method of interpreting the scripture--to the sceptical, scientific modern man.
    • Reaganomics and women 

      Steinem, Gloria (1981-11-15)
      Steinem criticizes the Reagan administration for its stance on issues concerning women, abortion, and minorities. She discusses the need for the more unified organization of women in politics.
    • [Abbie Hoffman speaks at Cornell.] 

      Hoffman, Abbie (1981-12-07)
      This recording includes approximately 30 min. of a press conference given in conjunction with the lecture. Abbie Hoffman discusses the media, the government and his protest activites.
    • Lecturing on her work 

      Hartigan, Grace (1982-03-23)
      Hartigan discusses her background as an artist and gives a slide show of her works, discussing the history of each painting.
    • Adrienne Rich reads her own poetry 

      Rich, Adrienne, 1929-2012 (1982-05-05)
      Rich reads a collections of her poems which illustrate her feminist views on issues such as the Holocaust, racism and sexuality.