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    • Invention of the truth 

      Derrida, Jacques (1984-04-18)
      Derrida discusses different ideas of, feelings about, and cultural groupings of inventions and invention methods.
    • Is America on the decline? 

      LaFeber, Walter; Katzenstein, Peter J. (1988-04-05)
      LaFeber and Katzenstein both address the question of America on the decline, with LaFeber providing a historical account of how the decline has happened and Katzenstein suggesting some solutions to it.
    • Is my death possible? (part I) 

      Derrida, Jacques (1992-10-06)
      Derrida attempts to more closely define death and some of the semantics that surround it. Quoting extensively from Heiddeger, he discusses the limitations on knowledge of death and death's transferable, ever-pervasive ...
    • Is my death possible? (part II) 

      Derrida, Jacques (1992-10-07)
      Derrida examines the concept of death and of Dasein as analyzed by Heidegger in his his text Being and Time. In exploring the various constructions of death, he incorporates linguistical analyses as well as a comparison ...
    • Is this democracy: 1988 presidential campaign forum 

      Keene, David A.; Chapman, Irv; Ginsberg, Benjamin; Frankovic, Kathleen; Yepsen, David (1988-04-11)
      Discussants address the question is this democracy? in relation to the 1988 presidential election.
    • James McCourt reads from Time Out of Mind 

      McCourt, James, 1941- (1984-11-06)
      McCourt reads from his work in progress, Time Out of Mind.
    • James Tate reads his poetry 

      Tate, James, 1943-2015 (1988-04-19)
    • Jazz and literary culture in Czechoslovakia today 

      Škvorecký, Josef, 1924-2012 (1984-10-04)
      Skovorecky discusses the Communist repression of the Czech government, especially in the literary and musical fields, since 1968. Particular attention is paid to the development of jazz and punk rock music in Czechoslovakia, ...
    • Katerina Anghelaki-Hook reads her own poetry 

      Angelak?-Rouk, Katerina (1983-11-07)
      Anghelaki-Rooke's poems recall her Greek ancestry.
    • Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. lectures about his work 

      Vonnegut, Kurt (1983-04-17)
      Vonnegut describes life as a Cornell undergraduate and the way to become a successful writer.
    • La cultura caribena en la Cuba actual: continuidad versus reptura 

      Benítez Rojo, Antonio, 1931-2005 (1983-03-17)
      Benitez-Rojo describes the Caribbean influence on Cuban culture.
    • Language, literature, and national consciousness 

      Anderson, Benedict R. O'G, (Benedict Richard O'Gorman), 1936-2015; Weiss, John Hubbel; Kramnick, Isaac; Cohen, Walter, 1949- (1984-09-21)
      Panel members discuss the interrelationship between language, literature and nationalism.
    • Latin America and the West: historical origins and cultural contexts--#4: The West we knew 

      Fuentes, Carlos (1986-02-24)
      Fuentes looks at the Spanish legacy of Latin America and the situation at the end of the 15th century and beginning of the 16th century.
    • Latin America and the West: historical origins and cultural contexts--#8: The revolutions of independence 

      Fuentes, Carlos (1986-03-31)
      Fuentes describes the turmoil and reforms of 18th century Spain and how they contributed to a loss of power over Spanish lands in the New World, resulting in the wars leading to the independence of Latin America from Spain.
    • Lecture on current Latin American politics 

      Mari Bras, Juan (1984-04-11)
      Bras discusses the United States' dominance of Puerto Rico and its resistance to granting independence to the island.
    • Lecture on her work 

      Porter, Katherin Anne (1984-02-06)
      Porter discusses her artwork.
    • Lecturing on her work 

      Hartigan, Grace (1982-03-23)
      Hartigan discusses her background as an artist and gives a slide show of her works, discussing the history of each painting.
    • Light, space and form: the heart of architecture 

      Meier, Richard (1992-10-29)
      Meier discusses the role of light in arhictecture, citing his own architecture in particular. He discusses the different aspects of architecture for different kinds of buidlings, focusing especially on museums. He analyzes ...
    • Luigi Einaudi: between politics and history 

      Chartier, Roger, 1945- (1988-04-06)
      Einaudi Inaugural Lecture; Chartier, the first recipient of the Einaudi professorship in European and International Studies, discusses the life of Luigi Einaudi and his contributions to Italian intellectual history.
    • Mapping the invisible 

      Denes, Agnes (1992-10-14)
      In this lecture, delivered during a retrospective of her work at the Johnson Art Museum at Cornell, Fall 1992, Denes reflects on themes of her work as a visual artist such as mapping the invisible, mapping thoughts, the ...