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    • Socratic irony 

      Vlastos, Gregory (1986-02-28)
      Vlastos discusses and defines common uses of irony by referring to the classical works of Aristotle and Socrates.
    • Socratic rejection of the Lex talionis 

      Vlastos, Gregory (1986-04-01)
      Vlastos describes the conflict between the views of Socrates and the Lex Talionis, the ancient doctrine of retaliation.
    • Speaking at Cornell 

      Kahane, Meir (1986-11-16)
      Kahane presents his views on the state of Israel and the presence of Arabs in Israel while responding to a hostile, heckling crowd.
    • Spike Lee talks about his films 

      Lee, Spike (1989-04-06)
      Following a screening of School Daze, Lee answers questions from the audience regarding such issues as his experiences as a black filmmaker, his intentions in making the film, and his views on the social and political ...
    • Spirituality, femininity, and world community 

      Pempel, Alice McDowell (1984-10-03)
      Pempel discusses yin and yang, or feminine and masculine characteristics, and the need for more yin in our society. She asserts that we must begin to concentrate more on being than on doing and to make time for solitude.
    • Structuring the environment: selecting resources and utilizing technology 

      Van Tienhoven, Ari (1988-03-14)
      Tienhoven presents the concept of teaching through personal insights and techniques. He argues that teaching is a two-way street which requires critical thinkingfrom both teacher and student.
    • Student activism in light of the Willard Straight Takeover 

      Farrakhan, Louis (1989-04-21)
      Louis Farrakhan discusses issues related to freedom of speech, racism in America, the legitimacy of the use of violence for principles of liberty, the problems in American education, the origins of Black civilization, and ...
    • Survey research and presidential campaigns: the Democrats in 1984 

      Lynch, Dotty (1985-04-15)
      Lynch describes the use of polls in presidential campaigns, specifically the 1984 campaign.
    • Taking control of evolution: genetic manipulation and its consequences for various species 

      Woolhouse, Harold W (1984-10-25)
      Woolhouse describes the way in which scientists produce new hybrids by genetic manipulation.
    • Talk on what makes 60 Minutes tick 

      Socolow, Sanford (1984-11-07)
      Socolow chronicles the history of 60 Minutes.
    • The 'German Question' reopened 

      Katzenstein, Peter J. (1984-11-10)
      Katzenstein emphasizes the contradictory elements inherent in the German reunification question.
    • The autonomy of the arts and the administration of culture 

      Salo, Arvo (1987-09-25)
      Salo discusses the state supported art system in Finland.
    • The black church and oppositional politics 

      West, Cornel (1988-04-28)
      West discusses the Black Church and its oppositional politics (ie., the use of prophetic, all-embracing vision) and its consequences in terms of both enabling and disabling causes of freedom. She is introduced by Hortense ...
    • The creation of Doctor Zhivago 

      Pasternak, E. B. (Evgeni? Borisovich), 1923- (1990-09-17)
    • The crisis in civil liberties 

      Glasser, Ira (1989-03-30)
      Explains the historical and political context of civil liberties in the United States. Shows how the Constitution expresses civil rights and how rights are gained. Discusses the political climate surrounding civil rights ...
    • The dangerous realities of America's misperceptions of the world 

      Salinger, Pierre (1987-11-12)
      Salinger discusses his experiences as a news correspondent and his views regarding American foreign policy, including his encouragement for individuals to be involved and informed regarding current affairs.
    • The evolution of a writer's voice: Gloria Naylor reads and reflects on her own work 

      Naylor, Gloria (1988-11-21)
      Naylor describes the development of her literary voice and suggests that the legion of voices which have preceded her have molded hers into what it is today.
    • The feminist movement today: a historical perspective 

      Ehrenreich, Barbara (1986-03-10)
      Ehrenreich talks about the gains women have made through the feminist movement but focuses mainly on the problems that women still face, particularly abortion, sexuality, and economic rights.
    • The final fifty days of the presidential campaign 

      Thomas, Helen, 1920-2013 (1984-09-17)
      Thomas outlines the last days of the 1984 presidential campaign, discusses Reagan as President, and explains the relationship of the media with the President, in general, and with Reagan, in particular.
    • The future of abortion 

      Weddington, Sarah Ragle; Schlafly, Phyllis (1989-03-14)
      Weddington and Shlafly debate the ethical aspects of abortion and the future of legislation on abortion in the United States. Weddington argues that abortion is a woman's legal and moral right of choice; Shlafly argues ...