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    • Sammy and Rosie Get Laid: a round-table discussion of the film 

      Ali, Tariq; Mohanty, Satya P. (Satya Prakash), 1954-; Herskowitz, Richard; Caputi, Anthony Francis, 1924-; Bershen, Wanda (1988-02-26)
      The panel discusses the British response to Sammy and Rosie Get Laid.
    • Schlafly phenomenon 

      Tobias, Sheila (1991-02-13)
    • Screening of Transport to Paradise' 

      Lustig, Arnošt (1988-11-05)
      Lustig, who wrote the screenplay to the film Transport to Paradise, depicting the plight of Jews during Nazi domination in Germany, gives an introduction to the film.
    • Secret wars of the CIA 

      Stockwell, John, 1937-; MacMichael, David C.; Kenworthy, Eldon G.; Hathaway, Dale (1985-10-02)
      Panel discusses several aspects of the CIA: recruitment on campus, international law and involvement in Central America, an inside view of the organization, and current CIA operations in Nicaragua.
    • Seeds and global politics 

      Borlaug, Norman E. (Norman Ernest), 1914-2009 (1984-11-12)
      Borlaug discusses various social and political influences on the development of agriculture and international agricultural policy.
    • Sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish and French mysticism, part 1 

      Certeau, Michel de (1984-09-12)
      deCerteau discusses literary mysticism in 16th and 17th century Spain and France.
    • Sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish and French mysticism, part 2 

      Certeau, Michel de (1984-09-19)
      deCerteau discusses the development of mysticism in Spain and France.
    • Sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish and French mysticism, part 3 

      Certeau, Michel de (1984-09-26)
      In his third lecture of the series, Certeau discusses higher literature, its mystical content, and interpretations of it in 17th and 18th century Europe.
    • Sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish and French mysticism, part 4 

      Certeau, Michel de (1984-10-03)
      de Certeau analyzes Juan de la Cruz's poetry in light of Spanish mysticism.
    • Sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish and French mysticism, part 5 

      Certeau, Michel de (1984-10-10)
      de Certeau discusses the criteria necessary for recognizing mystical texts as such and suggests ways in which mystical texts may be analyzed.
    • Social communication in the chimpanzee 

      Goodall, Jane (1978-05-05)
      Goodall discusses the world of the chimpanzee, focusing in particular on the Gombe chimp. She uses a film and a slide presentation as visual aids in her description of the individual behavior of the animals, their social ...
    • Socrates' contra Socrates' in Plato 

      Vlastos, Gregory (1986-02-25)
      Vlastos claims that there are two different Socrates, one which might be called historical and the other which might be called philosophical. He asserts that the second Socrates is prevalent in Plato's writings.
    • Socratic irony 

      Vlastos, Gregory (1986-02-28)
      Vlastos discusses and defines common uses of irony by referring to the classical works of Aristotle and Socrates.
    • Socratic rejection of the Lex talionis 

      Vlastos, Gregory (1986-04-01)
      Vlastos describes the conflict between the views of Socrates and the Lex Talionis, the ancient doctrine of retaliation.
    • Speaking at Cornell 

      Kahane, Meir (1986-11-16)
      Kahane presents his views on the state of Israel and the presence of Arabs in Israel while responding to a hostile, heckling crowd.
    • Spike Lee talks about his films 

      Lee, Spike (1989-04-06)
      Following a screening of School Daze, Lee answers questions from the audience regarding such issues as his experiences as a black filmmaker, his intentions in making the film, and his views on the social and political ...
    • Spirituality, femininity, and world community 

      Pempel, Alice McDowell (1984-10-03)
      Pempel discusses yin and yang, or feminine and masculine characteristics, and the need for more yin in our society. She asserts that we must begin to concentrate more on being than on doing and to make time for solitude.
    • Structuring the environment: selecting resources and utilizing technology 

      Van Tienhoven, Ari (1988-03-14)
      Tienhoven presents the concept of teaching through personal insights and techniques. He argues that teaching is a two-way street which requires critical thinkingfrom both teacher and student.
    • Student activism in light of the Willard Straight Takeover 

      Farrakhan, Louis (1989-04-21)
      Louis Farrakhan discusses issues related to freedom of speech, racism in America, the legitimacy of the use of violence for principles of liberty, the problems in American education, the origins of Black civilization, and ...
    • Survey research and presidential campaigns: the Democrats in 1984 

      Lynch, Dotty (1985-04-15)
      Lynch describes the use of polls in presidential campaigns, specifically the 1984 campaign.