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    • Polish poetry under martial law 

      Baranczak, Stanislaw, 1946-2014 (1983-09-12)
      Baranczak discusses the effect of martial law on poetry in Poland.
    • Political and moral consequences of science 

      Weizsäcker, Carl Friedrich, Freiherr von, 1912-2007 (1987-11-20)
      Weizsacker holds that scientists should feel responsible for the social, political and ecological consequences of modern science and technology and should act accordingly.
    • Popular support and the stability of the liberal democratic party regime in Japan 

      Kabashima, Ikuo, 1947- (1985-03-11)
      Kabashima discusses the processes which helped maintain the power of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) for the last 30 years, particularly in reference to political corruption and the political system's reaction to it.
    • Practices of laughter 

      Allen, Stan (1992-04-05)
    • Presidential forum: George McGovern 

      McGovern, George S. (George Stanley), 1922-2012 (1983-09-29)
      McGovern describes his plans if elected in 1984 and discusses some of the problems facing the Reagan administration.
    • Prison reform. 

      Hoffa, James R. (James Riddle), 1913- (1975-04-08)
    • Producing, directing, writing movies 

      Dubelman, Richard (1984-03-07)
      Dubelman gives a professional's perspective on writing, producing, and directing for the motion picture and television industry.
    • Protagonists, victims and sexual diference 

      Spero, Nancy, 1926-2009 (1989-04-08)
      The lecture consists in a roughly chronological slide presentation and explanation of the artist's work. Some of Spero's series and periods covered are her Paris black paintings, Artaud paintings, the war series, the Torture ...
    • Provincial Stalinism: scenes from the Great Purge 1937 

      Fitzpatrick, Sheila (1988-10-20)
      Fitzpatrick reviews the Moscow and provincial trials, emphasizing the latter's role in the Great Purge of 1937 and the struggles of peasants to testify against officials on trial.
    • Race, writing and difference 

      Gates, Henry Louis, Jr. (1983-12-15)
      Gates discusses black writing styles.
    • Rationalism: rationalist architecture 

      Krier, Rob (1978-03-01)
    • Re-vision: a feminist perspective 

      MacIntosh, Peggy (1988-04-27)
      MacIntosh discusses pedagogy as a means of allowing students to adaopt an adjacent position in relation to subject matter. This approach is an alternative to the lateral, take a position point of view.
    • Reaganomics and women 

      Steinem, Gloria (1981-11-15)
      Steinem criticizes the Reagan administration for its stance on issues concerning women, abortion, and minorities. She discusses the need for the more unified organization of women in politics.
    • Recent developments in feminist theory: women's oppression today reconsidered 

      Barrett, Michèle (1988-10-19)
      Barrett describes a new feminist interest in the body which varies significantly from the work of Foucault and from recent discussions of cyborgs. She suggests that this new interest is tied to the broader feminist concern ...
    • Relativity, pulsars and atomic time 

      Taylor, Joseph H. (Joseph Hooton) (1988-12-01)
      Taylor discusses the mechanisms involved in measuring time with an atomic clock, and covers related aspects of pulsars and relativity.
    • Reshaping British consciousness 

      Ali, Tariq (1988-02-28)
      Ali discusses changes in British intellectual life since the decline of the British Empire.
    • Restlessness and stability in present day painting 

      Kahn, Wolf, 1927- (1983-02-09)
      Kahn discusses current, important issues in art and relates them to contemporary examples in painting.
    • Sammy and Rosie Get Laid: a round-table discussion of the film 

      Ali, Tariq; Mohanty, Satya P. (Satya Prakash), 1954-; Herskowitz, Richard; Caputi, Anthony Francis, 1924-; Bershen, Wanda (1988-02-26)
      The panel discusses the British response to Sammy and Rosie Get Laid.
    • Schlafly phenomenon 

      Tobias, Sheila (1991-02-13)
    • Screening of Transport to Paradise' 

      Lustig, Arnošt (1988-11-05)
      Lustig, who wrote the screenplay to the film Transport to Paradise, depicting the plight of Jews during Nazi domination in Germany, gives an introduction to the film.