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    • Bataille: between eroticism and economy of nature 

      Habermas, Jürgen (1984-09-11)
      Habermas examines Bataille's views on modernity, postmodernity, and social theory.
    • Bei Dao and contemporary chinese poetry 

      Beidao, 1949-; Lazer, Hank; Gunther, Robin; Zhen, Zheng; Huang, Yunte (1995-03-31)
      After four local scholars read one poem each by Bei Dau in English, the author reads his work in the original Chinese. Huang discusses the acceptance and interpretation of this and other Chinese poetry in the United States. ...
    • Being Black and Jewish 

      Greenburg, Reuben (1988-10-24)
      Greenburg addresses anti-semitic and racist trends in the United States, tracing similarities and contrasts between the black and Jewish community and their impact on images of Jews and blacks.
    • [Benazir Bhutto speaks at Cornell.] 

      Bhutto, Benazir, 1953-2007 (1991-01-31)
    • Berlin architecture and urban design since 1900 

      Kleihues, Josef Paul (1984-10-31)
      Kleihues describes several of the civic designs which were suggested for Berlin during the period 1900-1965.
    • Bernard Hoesli on architecture 

      Hoesli, Bernhard (1978-04-14)
    • Beth Brant reads from her own work 

      Brant, Beth, 1941-2015 (1988-10-03)
      Brant reads from her book, Mohawk Trail, an anthology of native American feminist writings.
    • Billy Budd: after the homosexual 

      Sedgwick, Eve Kosofsky (1989-02-20)
      Sedgwick describes the nature of homosexuality as portrayed in Melville's Billy Budd. She examines the subject through analysis of characters and conflicts and discusses the effect of AIDS on current homosexual definition.
    • Black women, color, and consciousness: Harriet Jacobs and Pauline Breedlove 

      Washington, Margaret (1989-03-11)
      Thandekile Mvusi of Mount Holyoke College was originally scheduled to make this presentation, but was unable to attend the conference. Washington steps in to provide her own rough interpretation of this subject, discussing ...
    • Blues on blues 

      Piedra, José (1988-04-29)
      Piedra compares Latin American song with North American blues.
    • Breaking with Moscow: revelations of a Soviet diplomat 

      Shevchenko, Arkady N. (1985-10-24)
      Shevchenko describes his own experiences as a Soviet diplomat and as a defector from the Soviet Union and discusses US-USSR relations.
    • Cabala and the modern man 

      Singer, Isaac Bashevis, 1904-1991 (1981-11-04)
      Singer discusses the significance of cabala--the Jewish theology based on a cipher method of interpreting the scripture--to the sceptical, scientific modern man.
    • Can Anyone Defeat Reagan? 

      Lowi, Theodore J.; Ginsberg, Benjamin (1984-03-06)
      Lowi and Ginsberg discuss the possibility and probability of Reagan being defeated in the upcoming election.
    • Can social change be achieved through the United States' political system? 

      Goodstein, David B., 1932- (1984-10-30)
      Goodstein discusses social change which has occurred during the past 20 years and its implications for the U.S. political system.
    • Carlos Fuentes reads from his work 

      Fuentes, Carlos (1988-10-12)
      Fuentes discusses his motivations for writing and the functions and expectations of writers in Latin America. The author quotes examples from his own writings to illustrate topics.
    • Centrality 

      Evans, Robin, 1944-1993 (1988-11-03)
      Evans presents a study of the architecture of centralized Renaissance churches with emphasis on the manner in which meaning is conveyed.
    • Civil rights: where do we go from here? 

      Pendleton, Clarence M., Jr (1985-07-24)
      Pendleton describes the problem of discrimination in the United States and suggests some solutions to it.
    • Colin Rowe on architecture 

      Rowe, Colin (1978-05-07)
    • Commentary on two films 

      Robeson, Paul, 1898-1976 (1983-10-05)
      Robeson introduces two films of his father's which present views of the black actor.