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dc.contributor.authorChristian, Annie
dc.description.abstractTwo different methods of fencing will be tested with respect to their ability to keep both deer and woodchucks out of mixed annual and perennial gardens. One method will be to use heavy woven wire fencing and 1”20 gauge chicken wire for a groundhog barrier. The other method will be to use heavy black plastic fencing and 1” hex mesh material for a groundhog barrier. Master Gardener volunteers and CCE staff will keep exact records of fencing material costs, participate in the installation of the fencing and will keep weekly records of how effective this fencing proves in excluding wildlife. We will also provide IPM education to the general public and schools through videos and print materials. Both fences were installed in August, leaving enough time for the Master Gardener Volunteers, Americorps interns and CCE educators to document the process of installation and monitor the fence’s effectiveness at keeping out woodchucks and deer. Community members came to CCE and learned about the fenced gardens and IPM garden pest management during two, summertime CCE Rockland Demonstration Garden tours and during a School Garden Network workshop in October. A 9-minute instructional video on the fences and their role in IPM education at CCE Rockland is now available to view on the CCE Rockland website.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectCommunity IPM
dc.titleDemonstrating fence options for community, school and home vegetable and ornamental gardens in areas with high deer and woodchuck pressure

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