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dc.contributor.authorBraband, Lynn
dc.contributor.authorMarvin, Debra
dc.contributor.authorLampman, Joellen
dc.contributor.authorGangloff-Kaufmann, Jody
dc.contributor.authorFrye, Matt
dc.description.abstractNYS schools need assistance in reducing risks to children and others from both pests and the overuse of pesticides. In 2014, NYS IPM Program activities have resulted in school personnel becoming better informed and able to implement IPM in their school districts. A school IPM best management practices website was developed and piloted and evaluated in three states. School IPM outreach to rural schools was conducted in the Southern Tier and the Catskills. The state’s public school districts were surveyed on their pest management policies and practices. NYS IPM staff initiated a blog with IPM stories of relevance to the state’s schools and childcare facilities. NYS IPM Program staff made visits to more than ten schools trouble shooting specific pest-related situations.
dc.publisherNew York State IPM Program
dc.subjectCommunity IPM
dc.subjectHumans or Pets
dc.subjectDaycare Centers
dc.titleSchool IPM Outreach and Research Activities, NYS IPM Program

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