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dc.contributor.authorNew York State Agricultural Experiment Station
dc.contributor.authorCornell University
dc.description.abstractDISEASES Apple scab ascospore discharge discussion and multi-season data. INSECTS Early season use of oil and other strategies to control Pear psylla, European red mite and San Jose scale Status of honey bee colonies available for pollination. CHEM NEWS Provado update. Agri-Mek Section 18 granted. ANNOU NCEMENT Scaffolds availability on World Wide Web. PEST FOCUS Pear psylla and green fruitworm active. PHENOLOGIES Geneva, Highland. INSECT TRAP CATCHES. UPCOMING PEST EVENTS.
dc.publisherNew York State Agricultural Experiment Station; Cornell University
dc.relation.hasversionThis is a scanned (400 DPI) preservation copy of newsletter previously published in print, and html format (originally here: , and archived on the Internet Archive here: )
dc.subjectPest Management
dc.titleScaffolds Fruit Journal, v.4, 3-27-1995

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