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    • Botrytis Fruit Rot 

      Burr, T.J.; Pearson, R.C.; Schwarz, M.R. (New York State IPM Program, 1985)
      Botrytis fruit rot, also called gray mold, is a major disease of strawberries throughout the world. The disease, caused by the fungus Botrytis cinerea. is responsible for fruit losses of 50 percent or more during cool, wet ...
    • Eutypa Dieback 

      Pearson, R.C.; Burr, T.J. (New York State IPM Program, 1981)
      Eutypa dieback of grapevines, formerly called “dead arm,” was for many years thought to be caused by the fungus Phomopsis viticola. Recently, however, another fungus, Eutypa armeniacae (imperfect stage: Cytosporina), was ...