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    • Implementing Mating Disruption Control Strategies for Oriental Fruit Moth in Tree Fruit 

      Breth, Deborah I. (New York State IPM Program, 2003)
      A major educational effort was launched in early 2003 to respond to the increase in internal lepidopteran larvae infestations in apples, peaches, and pears. Several educational events starting with Winter Fruit Schools, a ...
    • Monitoring Internal Lepidoptera to Prevent Worms in Fruit, 2003-2004 

      Breth, Deborah (New York State IPM Program, 2004)
      Western New York has approximately 28,000 acres of apples, 700 acres of pears, and 1200 acres of peaches. Observations made in apples, pears, and peaches across the region in 2002 showed that internal lepidopteran larvae ...
    • Statewide survey for streptomycin-resistant fire blight in orchards 

      Cox, Kerik; Aldwinckle, Herb; Carroll, Julie; Burr, Thomas (New York State IPM Program, 2012)
      Streptomycin is the industry standard for managing fire blight on apples and pears. In 2002, streptomycin-resistance was confirmed in Wayne County and eradicated through prompt action. In October 2011, streptomycin-resistance ...