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    • 2015 Vegetable PWT Research and Extension Priority Survey 

      Zuefle, Marion; Seaman, Abby; Stewart, Crystal; Hadad, Robert (New York State IPM Program, 2015)
      A survey to establish fresh market vegetable research and extension priorities was developed by Cornell Cooperative Extension’s Vegetable Program Work Team ( PWT ). It was administered through Qualtrics, Cornell’s survey ...
    • Evaluation of Control Methods against Phytophthora capsici in Winter Squash and Pumpkin 

      Hadad, Robert (New York State IPM Program, 2006)
      Phytophthora capsici is a fungus that attacks a wide variety of vegetables, fruit, grain, and floral crops. Once the disease is in the soil, it may remain viable for ten years or more. The disease can totally wipe out a ...