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dc.contributor.authorHong, Pingting
dc.identifier.otherbibid: 9255273
dc.description.abstractThe hospitality industry is beginning to adopt sustainable construction and operational practices, in an effort to preserve the environment. However, many hotels are struggling with the issue of sustainability versus luxury because there is a potential conflict between sustainable practices and luxury experiences. The purpose of the study is to investigate the relationship between sustainability and luxuriousness in the hotel guestroom environments. The first phase of the study compares the Guestroom Luxury Rating Guidelines developed from AAA Diamond Rating Guidelines with the applicable credits from LEED v4 for Interior Design and Construction, to examine whether there is any conflict between the LEED rating system and luxury rating guidelines. In the second phase of this study, the guestrooms of two luxury hotels were compared for their level of luxury: a luxury non-LEED hotel, and a luxury LEED hotel. This phase of the study investigates if LEED certification has negative impacts on the level of luxury. The comparative analysis of the first phase of the study show that there is no conflict between the luxury attributes and sustainable practices in guestroom environments as outlined by the Guestroom Luxury Rating Guidelines and credits from LEED rating guidelines. The second phase of the research showed that in the cases of the two chosen hotels, the luxury level of the LEED certified hotel rated lower than the non-LEED hotel, but for reasons not related to a conflict between luxury and sustainability. i
dc.titleSustainability Versus Luxury: An Exploratory Investigation Of The Relationship Between Sustainability And Luxury In Hotel Guestroom Environments
dc.typedissertation or thesis University of Arts, Design
dc.contributor.chairElliott,John Jack R.

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