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dc.contributor.authorCleveland (Ohio). City Planning Commission
dc.description.abstractOn page 9 of the Cleveland Policy Planning Report, its second page of text, the Cleveland planners stated: "Equity requires that locally-responsible government institutions give priority attention to the goal of promoting a wider range of choices for those Cleveland residents who have few, if any, choices." With this they provided a rationale for what had already become a series of recommendations and actions on subjects like the closer spacing of bus routes in poor neighborhoods, the inadvisability of subsidizing downtown office development that did not directly serve Cleveland residents, and the retention of the city's municipal electric utility that provided lower rates and thus moderated costs imposed by the city's larger private utility. Planning Director Norman Krumholz then advocated the equity goal professionally as "equity planning," and it won "Planning Landmark" status from the American Planning Association. When co-author and Principal Planner Ernie Bonner left the city to become planning director for Portland, OR, he established a website that preserved the text of the Cleveland plan on a website at Portland State University while adding a memoir describing its creation and effects.en_US
dc.titleCleveland Policy Planning Reporten_US

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