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    • 2016 Organic Production and IPM Guide for Peas 

      Seaman, Abby (New York State IPM Program, 2016)
      This guide for organic production of processing peas provides an outline of cultural and pest management practices and includes topics that have an impact on improving plant health and reducing pest problems. Updated for 2016.
    • Botrytis Gray Mold of Greenhouse and Field Tomatoes 

      Zitter, Thomas A. (New York State IPM Program, 1986)
      Botrytis blight, or gray mold, as it is commonly known, has an exceptionally wide host range with well over 200 reported hosts. The fungus can occur as both a parasite and a saprophyte on the same wide range of hosts. This ...
    • Elements of IPM for Peas in New York State 

      New York State Integrated Pest Management Program (New York State IPM Program, 2002)
      A checklist of IPM practices for pea growers in New York State. Practitioners can use this document to track their IPM implementation and accrue points to assess their level of adoption of IPM practices.
    • Flea Beetle Pests of Vegetables 

      Hoffmann, Michael; Hoebeke, Richard; Dillard, Helene R. (New York State IPM Program, 1999)
      Flea beetles are common pests and frequently do serious damage to vegetable crops. Excessive feeding damage by flea beetles can stress and kill young plants. On maturing crops, feeding may scar leaves or fruit, resulting ...
    • Guidelines for Organic Production of Four Processing Vegetable Crops 

      Seaman, Abby (New York State IPM Program, 2008)
      Farmers interested in transitioning acreage to organic production or diversifying their organic crop mix to include vegetables have had few resources to help them develop the nutrient, weed, and pest management systems ...
    • Organic Production Guides 

      Carroll, J.; Kirkwyland, M.; Merwin, I.; Peck, G.; Petzoldt, C.; Rutz, R.; Seaman, A.; Thomas, E.; Waldron, K.; Weigle, T. (New York State IPM Program, 2009)
      New farmers interested in raising organic fruit, vegetables, or livestock, experienced growers transitioning to organic production, or diversifying their organic crop mix to include vegetables or fruit have had few resources ...
    • Potato Stem Borer 

      Muka, A. A. (New York State IPM Program, 1983)
      The potato stem borer was first reported as an economic pest in the United States in 1975. A native of Europe, Siberia, and Japan, it was accidentally introduced into the maritime provinces of Canada before 1908. The insect ...
    • Production, Education and Research Program for Organic Agriculture 

      Seaman, Abby; Petzoldt, Curt (New York State IPM Program, 2013)
      In 2008 the NYS IPM program voluntarily developed organic vegetable production guides for carrots, peas, snap beans, and cucurbits after a need for them was identified in meetings with NYSDAM, vegetable processors, and growers.
    • Silver Y Moth 

      Carroll, Juliet; Peterson, Kelsey (New York State IPM Program, 2018)
      Originally from the United Kingdom, the silver Y moth has steadily spread across the globe. With large populations in Europe, Asia, and Africa, it is clear that the silver Y moth is capable of not only surviving, but ...
    • Virus Diseases of Peas 

      Zitter, Thomas A.; Provvidenti, R. (New York State IPM Program, 1984)
      Peas are susceptible to a large number of aphid-transmitted viruses, which can produce diseases individually or in combination. Many common names have been used to describe these diseases, and to avoid confusion they will ...