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dc.contributor.authorBach, Eve
dc.contributor.authorBrom, Thomas
dc.contributor.authorEstrella, Julia
dc.contributor.authorGoldberg, Lenny
dc.contributor.authorKirshner, Ed
dc.description.abstractReflecting on a decade of radical and progressive coalition politics led Berkeley Citizen’s Action (BCA), a group of activists affiliated with elected councilmembers John Denton, Loni Hancock and Ying Lee Kelley, and organized as the Community Ownership Organizing Project, describe potential and actual programs that would effect a transition to community ownership for the City of Berkeley, CA. Topics covered include Charter and other reforms achieved by voter initiative designed to redistribute power to popular forces; housing policies like rent control and community ownership, public acquisition of electric power, cable television and telephone service; revenue producing enterprises such as banking, recycling and insurance; taxation and capital budgets; city employment policy, transportation and social services.en_US
dc.publisherNational Conference on Alternative State and Local Public Policiesen_US
dc.titleThe Cities Wealth: Programs for Community Economic Control in Berkeley, Californiaen_US

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