Diversity Programs in Engineering (DPE) operates programs at the precollege, undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels to facilitate the recruitment, development, retention, and success of all members of the engineering community, but especially those from backgrounds traditionally underrepresented in engineering. The DPE office provides an institutionalized approach for meeting the needs of undergraduate and graduate students by providing community, academic, professional and personal development opportunities that support student growth and achievement. The DPE office also works collaboratively with university and external partners to administer mentoring, tutoring and academic success programs; graduate school preparation and undergraduate research opportunities; graduate student fellowship programs; and precollege outreach initiatives.

For more information go to the DPE home page: http://www.engineering.cornell.edu/diversity.

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Recent Submissions

  • Report of 2014 focus group interviews with CUES students 

    Zehnder, Alan; Hernandez, Sara; George, Magnia (2015-06-25)
    Brief summary of findings from focus group interviews of CUES students, covering the three main elements of the project: spatial visualization, enhanced tutoring and the engineering summer math institute.
  • CUES 2013-2014 Update 

    Zehnder, Alan; Hernandez, Sara (2015-06-25)
    Year 1 and 2 activities in the CUES Program are summarized. Included are: early retention indicators (persistence and grades), pre- and post-test scores on the Purdue Spatial Visualization Test, outcomes (grades) of ...


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